Opaque Window Film


Transform your surroundings with sophistication – Buy Frosted Window Film, a game-changer for privacy and style. Explore the world of Frosted Glass Sticky Back measuring 45cm x 2m in solid colors, all at the most competitive prices in Bangladesh. Opaque Window Film.

The Essence of Frosted Window Film

3M Window Film Bangladesh

Discover the epitome of quality with 3M Window Film in Bangladesh, specifically tailored for Dhaka. Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of Frosted Glass Window Film, blending functionality with aesthetics.

Global Selection, Local Convenience

Shop Window Film from around the world without the hefty shipping fees. Enjoy exclusive products and global brands delivered to your doorstep in Bangladesh. It’s a fusion of global excellence and local convenience.

Diverse Offerings: Glass Sticker Products

Waterproof Frosted Glass Film Sticker

Explore the versatility of Glass Sticker Products online in Bangladesh. Opt for the 2Mx45CM PVC Waterproof Frosted Glass Film Sticker, a self-adhesive solution that combines practicality with elegance.

Office Elegance: Frosted Glass Sticker Price

Enhance your workspace with the Frosted Office Glass Sticker, available at competitive prices in Bangladesh. Experience the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Best Deals in Mirpur and Dhaka

Mirpur’s Frosted Glass Sticker Hub

Discover the best prices for Frosted Glass Stickers in Mirpur. Create a stylish and private ambiance with our exclusive offerings.

Dhaka’s Frosted Glass Sticker Destination

Uncover the best prices for Frosted Glass Stickers in Dhaka. Elevate your windows with static cling Frosted, Decorative, Privacy, and Stained Glass options.

Design & Decorative Window Film

Commercial Building Solutions

Experience the sophistication of Design & Decorative Window Film tailored for commercial buildings. Each piece is manufactured to the exact specifications, ensuring a seamless integration of privacy and style.

Smart Film and Smart Glass Cost

Transparent Pricing

While each privacy glass piece is customized, here are price ranges for smart film and smart glass. Explore the transparency of pricing and envision the possibilities for your space.

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